PictZar® Digital Planimetry Software



Wound Measurements

Calibrated Digital Measurements


Linear Measurements: Length  & Width

Areas: Single, 2-Color 3-Color 4-Color

Percent Area and or measurement by tissue type


Depth: Up to 4 depths assigned to colored area

Ability to measure "Islands"

Volume Based on Area % Area and Depth Entered

Centimeters or Millimeter, Volume in Cubic Cm

Export To Excel (ver. 5.0)

Generate Microsoft Word reports

Access Database (PictZar Pro.)

Generate PictZar Data File

Generate PUSH Tool with graph

Braden Scale (PictZar Pro.)

Export Raw Data to ASCII Data File

PictZar®  Video

  What is the difference between:

 PictZar CDM vs. PictZar PRO


PictZar Sample Images


What is PictZar™CDM


Tablet Interface for PictZar