PictZar Pro vs. PictZar CDM


Program PictZar® Pro PictZar® CDM


7.01 5.05.2
Measurements: Length Length
  Width Width
  Area (4 color) Area 4 (color)
  Circumference Circumference
  Depth (entered by user) Depth (entered by user)
  Volume Volume
Store Data in Access Yes No
Export Data to Excel Yes (from Access) Yes
Export Raw Data Yes Yes
Export Data to Word Yes Yes
Export Images To Word Yes Yes
Create PDF Reports Yes - 17 reports No
Patient Demographics Yes No
Create Wound Aging Report Yes No
Password Protection Yes No
Data Encryption Yes No
Create Graphs: Area Within Excel
  Length x Width Within Excel
  Volume Within Excel
  Circumference Within Excel
Track ICD-9 / 10 Yes No
Image Viewer Yes - 3 views No
Organize files and images Yes - with recall limited
Staging of Wounds NPUAP Staging No
Diabetic Foot Wounds Wagners / Univ. of Texas No
Braden Score Yes No
Push tool Yes with images Yes no images
Tutorial Videos Yes Yes
PDF Manual Yes Yes
Pre & Post Debridement Yes- Integrated Manual
Anatomical Models for wound tracking Yes No


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